Halsey - Now Or Never
Music Video
Partizan (LA)
Dir. Sing J Lee
Now Or Never was the first single released from Halsey's album Hopeless Fountain Love, released in 2017. I was approached to produce the Storyboards for the music video by Director Sing J Lee, just days ahead of the shoot in March 2017.
The action of the video draws influence from Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet, and the plan was for the subsequent videos of singles released from the album, to continue on with the characters' stories in the aftermath of the events of Now Or Never.
There wasn't a shot-list in the strictest sense for me to work from for this project, where specific shots and set-ups are detailed out. For films helmed by Sing I am usually given a treatment of the story, the themes, the visual motifs and then have to breakdown and depict it visually through the Storyboards. As a result, the Storyboards would be used more as a visual guide of the overall narrative, rather than as a shooting board. 
It's a chance for me to be creative, composing shots, thinking of camera positions and movements, etc, that best depict the story and actions described in the treatment. Below are a few selected Storyboard panels I produced for the video.
The images displayed below contain elements of violence and bloodshed

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