Short Story
Written and Storyboarded by
Andrew Lamb
ASTRO is a short story I wrote and Storyboarded for Christmas 2016. The story is presented as a very simple animatic, as it was created over just thirteen days, from initial idea and treatment to final artwork and edit. Below are samples of the artwork I produced, along with snapshots of some initial rough sketches from during the planning stage, along with the video itself.
Originally, the protagonist was going to be male, however I wanted to change the character to a younger female, as I found the visual contrast of the young woman and the hulking deep sea diver-esque space suit interesting. As you can see, the use of colour was also a key element to the visuals.
There are a few references scattered about in the video, in particular the craft the protagonist pilots. The rear 'wings' that fold-upward are a kind of call back to the Imperial Shuttles in Star Wars, and the overall shape of the craft, and the boosters that extend out in front are similar to Faye Valentine's zipcraft in Cowboy Be-Bop. The butterfly-creatures are also a reference to the Italian comic creator, Hugo Pratt, of whose work I am a fan.
I like to write-up and plan out short stories of my own, with no particular preference towards any genre or style, so they tend to be quite varied and eclectic. The problem is finding the time to properly focus on them.
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