About Me
My name is Andrew and I am a Storyboard Artist for film and moving image media, based in but not limited to Leeds, UK.
I began my career after graduating from the Leeds College Of Art And Design in 2007 (now the Leeds Arts University), and have since gained many years experience producing artwork for a wide variety of clients and projects.
I have produced Storyboards and conceptual imagery for productions including; film (feature and short), television, music videos, animation, advertizement, corporate, and a wide variety of video content.
I have been drawing ever since I was a kid, and eventually combined it with my love of film during my time at college, which was when I first became interested in getting into Storyboarding.
Storyboarding is incredibly challenging yet hugely rewarding, and I have worked in collaboration with a number of talented and visionary Directors, making every effort to both support their visions, and to offer ideas and solutions as to how best to shape and visually depict their ideas.
In the commercial and corporate sector, I create visual imagery that aids my clients with planning out their concepts for both shoots and pitches.
I have always been committed to realizing and delivering visual imagery that clearly depicts what a client seeks to convey, and have always prided myself on a swift delivery turn-around for all projects I have worked on.
Although based in Leeds, I predominately work remotely and have done so efficiently for many years, for clients across the UK and abroad.
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