Boat Story
Two Brothers Pictures, BBC
Dir. Harry Williams, Jack Williams, Alice Troughton and Daniel Nettheim
Below is a sample of the Storyboards I produced for the BBC crime series, Boat Story.
Written by Jack & Harry Williams (the producers of Back to Life and creators of such dramas as The Tourist, Baptiste and The Missing), who both direct episodes as well as Alice Troughton and Daniel Nettheim - the six part crime series stars Daisy Haggard, Paterson Joseph, Tchéky Karyo, Joanna Scanlan, Craig Fairbrass and Phil Daniels.
Daisy Haggard and Paterson Joseph play a couple who find themselves embroiled in a complex and bloody crime saga after finding a stash of drugs on a wrecked fishing boat. They agree to sell the haul and split the money but, unbeknownst to them, a gangster known only as The Tailor (Tchéky Karyo), is in pursuit.
The series was filmed across Yorkshire, with production offices based here in Leeds. I did Storyboards in late 2022 and early 2023 for the series, including for a number of very violent (and bloody) sequences, resulting in Boat Story being described as, “maybe the most violent thing” the BBC has ever broadcast, with one viewer stating: “Amazed this level of violence has been waved through”.

The images displayed below contain elements of violence and bloodshed
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