Short Film
Giant Leap Productions
Dir. Nicholas Marc Padley
Gene is a short thriller written and directed by Nicholas Marc Padley, based on a short story by Emma Wise, who also stars in the film.
As well as producing Storyboards, I also did an early poster for the film, digitally painted using photography of the two leads as reference.
Both the poster and a sample of Storyboard to screen comparisons are presented below, featuring some of the Storyboard panels I produced and their corresponding shots from the final film.
It's always interesting to see how the boards match-up to what's on screen. Whether they are faithfully realized or differ slightly (or even completely), it shows the importance and function of a Storyboard. In fact, when the film differs from the Storyboard, for example in shot composition or even camera placement, it shows how much freedom a Storyboard grants the Director, the Director of Photography and the wider crew.
The images displayed below contain elements of violence and horror
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