Halsey - Bad At Love
Music Video
Partizan (LA)
Dir. Sing J Lee
Bad At Love was the second single released from Halsey's 2017 album, Hopeless Fountain Love, and the video acts as a direct sequel to Now Or Never, as we follow the characters in the aftermath of the events depicted in that video.
The final cut of Now Or Never clocks in at over six minutes of run time, Bad At Love in comparison is just over three minutes in length. There was a lot of action written up in the initial treatment, which I Storyboarded, that didn't make it into the final cut of the video. Had it done so, the video would most likely have been of equal length to its predecessor. Incidentally, I believe I drew-up more boards for Bad At Love, than I did for Now Or Never.
Where as the action of Now Or Never was set within a city environment, Bad At Love is set predominately in harsh, empty, barren desert wastes. Below is a portion of the Storyboards I produced for the video.
The images displayed below contain elements of violence and of a sexual nature
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