Short Film
Trigger Street Productions
Dir. Kat Wood
In 2016 I was approached to produce Storyboards for the short film Home, written and directed by Kat Wood and starring Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Lost Daughter, The Dark Knight).
The film was one of the three winning finalists of the 2016 Jameson First Shot competition, run by Jameson Whiskey in association with Trigger Street Productions, who also produced the film. The film was shot on location in LA.
Presented below are Storyboard to screen comparisons, featuring some of the boards I produced, along with their corresponding shots from the final film.
It's always interesting to see how the boards match-up to what's on screen. Whether they are faithfully realized or differ slightly (or even completely), it shows the importance and function of a Storyboard. In fact, when the film differs from the Storyboard, for example in shot composition or even camera placement, it shows how much freedom a Storyboard grants the Director, the Director of Photography and the wider crew.
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