Feature Film
Strathie Film and Goldfinch Studios
Dir. Carl Strathie
SOLIS is a sci-fi feature film written and directed by Carl Strathie and starring Steven Ogg (The Walking Dead). I had done work for Carl Strathie on various script proposals he had written over the years, with SOLIS being the first to go into production proper.
Usually, Storyboards (particularly 'shooting-boards') are produced in back and white or grayscale if there is any shading, but the boards for SOLIS were required to be rendered in colour, as the lighting and colour scheme would change at specific points during the story. The internal lighting of the pod had a blue hue to it, but when the sun comes into view through the porthole window, the interior would be illuminated with its overpowering light.
Below are a sample of some of the boards produced for the film.​​​​​​​
The images displayed below contain elements of violence and gore
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