The Night Train
Short Story Animatic
Written and Storyboarded by
Andrew Lamb
The Night Train is a very short and simple Storyboard animatic I wrote, illustrated and animated in my free time in between commissions. It was initially influenced by the Storyboarding exercise known as 'Next5'.
'Next5' is a good way to exercise at Storyboarding in your down time between commissions, and keeping yourself busy. It’s also good for anyone who is just starting out in Storyboarding and looking to learn, improve and also put together an initial portfolio. It helps for practising drawing, practising shot composition and also creating visual narrative sequences, that fit together to tell a coherent story.
Basically, you take a photo or image, could be anything, draw it as a Storyboard, then you create and draw out the next few shots that would go with it in a short little visual/action/narrative sequence. The extra images you draw don’t have to follow on from the image you start from, they could precede or follow it, etc.
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