Vapour And Velvet
Short Film
Northern Film School
Dir. Andrew Shawley
Below are Storyboards I produced for the 2018 short film Vapour And Velvet, a BA3 graduation short film, produced by students of the Northern Film School.
Vapour And Velvet was written by Callum Woodhead-McClimens and Directed by Andrew Shawley. The film is a noir comedy, following a chiselled detective whose investigation into the murder of a young woman sees him become embroiled with legging-clad hipsters, deceptive femme-fatale's and exotically flavoured e-cigarettes.
I have been approached by student filmmakers from the Northern Film School on several occasions over the years, to produce Storyboards for their productions. For many, if not all of them, it is the first time both using Storyboards or even working with a Storyboard Artist, and I try to make it as positive and informative an experience as I can!
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